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Unity Workshop

Unity Workshop

Past month I received an invitation to give an Unity workshop at the prestigious University of Minho, located in the beautiful city of Braga. The invitation came from the extremely welcoming guys at CeSIUM, who were organising a week of events related to computer engineering.

Gladly I got a packed room with over 60 people eager to know more about Unity! This really shows how Unity is getting into the hands of users at very early stages and how the indie scene is growing in Portugal.

The goal of the 2h workshop was to build something playable so that everyone, despite their level of familiarity with Unity, could follow through.

We ended up doing a super basic Asteroids clone that most people managed to complete. I tried to attend as many requests and questions as possible but with so many people it wasn’t always easy. At the end of the workshop I told I’d share the source-code to those who didn’t complete it, but after looking at it again, trust me, you don’t want to be learning from a game hacked together in a 2h workshop! 😁

Unity Workshop
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Unity Workshop

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