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Unite Los Angeles 16

Unite Los Angeles 16

It was with great pleasure and pride that I learnt that ProCamera2D got nominated to this year’s Unity Awards! The award cerimony took place in Los Angeles, on the first evening of the Unite 16 conference.

Unfortunately I didn’t win, but being a finalist was more than I ever expected. The winner was Dungeon Architect. Congratulations to Code Respawn and all the other nominees! They were all amazing and I’m very proud to be part of this group.

I also took the opportunity of going to the conference to spread the word about Pro Camera 2D. I had a booth for one day and like at GDC 16, it was a blast! I got to show the plugin to a lot of visitors and also got to meet some happy customers. I even got to meet (and take a picture) of the creator and visionary behind Unity - Mr. David Helgasson!

The conference was at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, and while a beautiful venue in an iconic location (right in front of the Hollywood Chinese Theatre / Walk of Fame), it had a few issues. The talks were on the 5th floor and the Expo Hall was on the 3rd. This meant that attendees had to go up and down between floors and that got tiring very quickly. It also meant that some people didn’t get to visit as much of the Expo Hall / Made With Unity as they probably would like.

All in all, it was a great experience! Seeing first-hand what Unity has in store for the next few versions was exciting and I can’t wait to start exploring all the new features. You can learn more about those in this Unity’s blog post.

Unite Los Angeles 16
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Unite Los Angeles 16

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