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Project Cuba First Audio Test

Project Cuba First Audio Test

While at this point I’d like to be showing you some Project Cuba gameplay, the truth is that progress on that regard has been slower than expected. I’ve been super busy with some client projects and when I do have some time, there’s still plenty to do before my perfectionist self puts some gameplay out there.  But please don’t despair, it’s coming soon! 😁

However, this week I’m bringing you the first musical piece for the game. My super talented friend, Sérgio Ferreira, will be taking the lead on the audio side and this week he sent me the first test for one of the main themes. I honestly think it’s amazing and he definitely captured exactly the mood I want to bring for the game.

Without further ado, please download and let me know your thoughts! 😉


Project Cuba First Audio Test
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Project Cuba First Audio Test

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