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ProCamera2D turns 1!

ProCamera2D turns 1!

My first commit for ProCamera2D was almost exactly 1 year ago, on January 20th 2015. It was officially released 6 months later.

Although it may sound weird to celebrate this, instead of the release date, for me it really marks a turning point. On that day I decided I was going to release my own product, no matter what, after years and years of exclusively working on clients’ projects.

While I still work on clients’ projects and I thoroughly enjoy it, there’s a deeper and more meaningful connection when the success and direction of a project is 100% under your responsibility.

Sometimes it was, and still is, tough having to work on ProCamera2D after a day of hard work on a client project. But the rewards that come after, more than make up for those rough days. Like for example, just this week, Klaus, a fantastic platformer game was released on PS4 and it’s using ProCamera2D!

Knowing my plugin is helping all kinds of different projects achieve their goals makes my heart warmer. The monetary benefits are also pretty great (more on that soon) and the experience I’ve gained with Unity editor tools has surpassed all the previous years combined.

My plans for ProCamera2D are still far from complete so I’m really looking forward to see how this year turns out!

ProCamera2D turns 1!
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ProCamera2D turns 1!

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