Luís Pedro Fonseca


Data Visualization, Interactive Experience


IBM US Open 2017

Tech Stack
  • Unity
  • Zenject

IBM has been the official technology partner of the US Open since 1990, and it has provided scores, stats, and insights to tennis fans around the world. In 2017, the company wanted to raise awareness of how its technology is integral to the tournament’s operations and how it enhances the fan experience of the game. Additionally, IBM wanted to showcase how its technology is being used to change the world.

To achieve these goals, the company created the 2017 IBM Fan Experience, which featured abstract tennis iconography, artful data visualizations, and interactive games. Through these elements, the fan experience demonstrated how IBM uses its artificial intelligence (Watson) to capture and deliver exciting moments and in-depth match insights, ultimately improving the overall game experience. To create the data visualization widgets, we used the real-time data provided by Watson which was then fed into Unity to drive the all the graphics.

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