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New site engine — Hugo

New site engine — Hugo

Ever since I started with this blog/website, publishing a new post, updating some information or even tweaking its layout, has always been a chore.

This website was made with Wordpress because that’s pretty much the standard when you’re planning to start a blog. Your host provider gives you a very convenient one-click install solution and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. There are an infinite number of plugins for every possible use-case you can think of and even more themes to customize its look.

However, this comes with a cost. The more plugins you add, or the more complex your theme gets, the slower you site will be. These issues are probably easy to fix with some more advanced Wordpress knowledge. But, I wanted to simplify and get rid of all the garbage that was making my website sluggish and a pain to update.

After some research, I found Hugo. It had everything I needed:

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Blazing-fast speed
  • Support for content written in Markdown
  • Syntax highlighting for code snippets
  • Customizable themes
  • Anywhere hosting (I’m using GitHub Pages)

The site you’re seeing now is made with it and I think it paid off. It feels immensely faster and this post was created simply by pushing a file into the repository. 👍

Hugo is probably not suited for designers or non-technical people, as the process involves some scripting knowledge. But for programmers like me, who don’t like to mess with web frontend technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) but still like to control what they’re dealing with, it’s a dream come true.

New site engine — Hugo
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New site engine — Hugo

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