Learning Unity iOS Game Development — Technical review

Yesterday I got in my mailbox a book I technically reviewed for Packt. It’s a great feeling having a book with your name on it, even if not on the front page. 😀

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s about Unity and iOS publishing. Although you won’t find anything particularly new in there, it’s a nice package, has a few good examples and shouldn’t disappoint you. It’s a good gift for that game dev friend of yours who is just getting started. However, if you know your way around Unity and iOS, don’t expect to learn much from it.

It was my first time working with a book publisher and the process was really smooth. Packt are very fast and you can tell their workflow is super optimised. I received all the chapters for reviewal on the scheduled dates and even the release date was right on what they predicted several months earlier. Coming from a gaming background where projects are so often under-estimated I really value when a release date for another project is so accurate.

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