Hi there! I’m an interactive developer from Porto, Portugal, with over a decade of experience on a multitude of technologies ranging from Flash to Objective-C, with a strong focus on Unity and gaming over the last several years. Certified Unity Developer and Certified SCRUM master.

I’ve worked on a very wide range of projects for high-profiles companies such as FOX Broadcasting, Microsoft, RIOT Games, Dell, Dreamworks and many others. Recently I’ve decided to start creating my own games and plugins and I’ll try to share as much as possible here.

This is my personal blog and here you’ll find more information about the work I do, game (and interactive) development tips and tricks and random bits of rambling about the digital world we live in. Follow me on Twitter too as that is my primary communication channel.

I’m currently not available for hire. However, I’m always keen to hear about interesting projects, get in touch!